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Application Lidl Plus is a modern tool, which allows customers of the Lidl store chain to store easily and conveniently without leaving home. Thanks to this application, customers can easily manage their purchases, take advantage of special offers and promotions, and access up-to-date advertising flyers.

  1. Functionality: the Lidl Plus mobile app offers a wide range of features that make everyday shopping and saving easier. It allows you to easily browse current promotions, scan product barcodes and take advantage of exclusive offers available only to app users.
  2. Ease of use: The Lidl Plus app was designed with simplicity and an intuitive interface in mind. It's easy to navigate and functions are accessible with just a few clicks. Whether you're an experienced smartphone user or a novice, using the Lidl Plus app will be simple and enjoyable.Moje Konto Lidl.
  3. Security: The security of your data and transactions is a top priority for the Lidl Plus app. It uses advanced encryption and security technologies to protect your personal information and ensure secure payments. You can rest assured that your data is protected and confidential.
  4. Support: the Lidl Plus app offers comprehensive support for its users. Do you have questions or encounter problems? You can use the customer service functions, Where you will find answers to frequently asked questions and the ability to contact the service team. No matter what the problem, you can always count on help.
  5. Comparison with other apps: The Lidl Plus mobile app stands out from other shopping apps due to its unique combination of benefits and features. It offers rich functionality, ease of use, high security and user support. These features make the Lidl Plus app a unique solution for all Lidl shopping enthusiasts.

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Current Version:16.5.8
Version not lower:8.0
Size: -
Available languages: -
Developer:Lidl -
Download, register, save even more. Lidl Plus is our new rewards app designed to give our customers discounts on the products they love. The service is aimed at consumers, who wish to receive personalised information from Lidl Stiftung about offers and promotions from Lidl Plus and offers, products and services from selected partners and Lidl Companies, which correspond as closely as possible to their interests. The basis for the determination of relevant interests is the purchasing and usage behavior with regard to the products and services of the Lidl companies. - Activate your coupons in the app and scan your digital Lidl Plus Card at the till to redeem and save money on your shop. - Scan your digital Lidl Plus Card at the till for the chance to win a prize when you shop! - Never lose a receipt again. You'll get a purchase summary every time you shop with Lidl Plus. - Never miss another offer. Browse through a digital version of our weekly leaflet in the app. (* Note that the above are generic texts. The Lidl Plus app is used in many countries, so the app content may vary accordingly) -Lidl Plus is not available in Ukraine, but we make the app available to download on Ukrainian phones for use in EU countries for people displaced due to current situation Joining the Lidl Plus program, you can allow tracking technology, which helps us to understand how you interact with the app. This includes what pages you visit, what coupons you view, and how long you spend on each page. This tracking allows Lidl Plus to improve the app and provide you with tailored communication, discounts and to participate in relevant surveys. Data Protection & Privacy Policy: Bulgaria: Cyprus: Lithuania: Serbia: Malta: Slovenia: Poland: Latvia: Estonia: Terms of use: Bulgaria: Cyprus: Lithuania: Serbia: Malta: Slovenia: Poland: Latvia: Estonia:
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Revision history:

v 16.5.8 - 07/06/2024

v 16.5.6 - 07/06/2024

v 16.4.2 - 22/05/2024

v 16.3.5 - 08/05/2024

v 16.2.8 - 24/04/2024

v 16.1.3 - 11/04/2024

v 16.0.4 - 20/03/2024

v 15.33.7 - 29/02/2024

v 15.32.2 - 13/02/2024


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Package name:C102933829
Category: -
License:In-app purchases
Current Version:16.3.5
Version not lower: -
Available languages: -
Developer:Lidl Digital International GmbH & Co. KG
I've been using the Lidl Plus app for more than a year and have been pleased with its functionality.Some products may be available only in stationary stores and are not available for ordering through the mobile app.
The app gives me access to exclusive promotions and deals, saving me money on my purchases.The Lidl Plus app requires a constant internet connection, which can be inconvenient if you don't have access to the web in some places.
The app's ease of use means that I can quickly find the product information and current promotions I need.Like any mobile app, Lidl Plus may occasionally encounter technical problems such as crashes, slow performance or functionality errors.
The Lidl Plus app also offers a coupon scanning feature, which makes it easier for me to take advantage of additional discounts.Geographical restrictions
Customer support is of a high standard - I have received quick and effective assistance with any problems.Sometimes I get too many notifications from apps


☑ How do I download the mobile app Lidl Plus?

To download the Lidl Plus app, simply go to the App Store or Google Play, search for the Lidl Plus app and install it on your device.

☑ How do I create an account on the app Lidl Plus?

To create an account on the Lidl Plus app, you need to download the app, register by providing the necessary personal information, and then confirm your email address. After this step, you will be able to log into your account.

☑ What benefits do I get by using the app Lidl Plus?

By using the Lidl Plus app, you can get access to exclusive deals and promotions, personalized offers tailored to your preferences, the ability to earn loyalty points for your purchases, and easy access to store information and current promotions.

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