Download YouTube TV App: Redefining Television Viewing

Get the YouTube TV app - explore a variety of content, from trending music videos to popular selections in gaming, fitness, movies, shows, news, and learning. Subscribe to your favorite channels, discover personalized recommendations, and indulge in an extensive library of 4K content.

In addition to the fact that YouTube for Android TV is adapted for the Android platform, is free and available for download, it has several distinctive features. The following interesting features of the application make it original among other analogues.

  • Ability to create automatic playlists. With this function, using the program is greatly facilitated, and selecting the desired video will take less time. The program will make a selection of videos based on user preferences.
  • Video commenting function. With its help, the user can leave his opinion under the desired video without taking out his phone. This can be done directly on your TV, thanks to the application.
  • Uploading your own videos. Thanks to this feature, it becomes easier to maintain a personal channel, since on the big screen you can better see the shortcomings of the video and correct them. This feature will be especially useful for experienced and novice bloggers.

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Current Version:4.31.300
Version not lower:7.0
Size: -
Available languages: -
Developer:Google LLC -
See what the world is watching -- from the hottest music videos to what’s popular in gaming, fitness, movies, shows, news, learning and more. Subscribe to channels you love, browse personal recommendations, and enjoy the largest library of 4K content.
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Revision history:

v 4.31.300 - 28/03/2024

v 4.30.300 - 29/02/2024

v 4.23.301 - 15/02/2024

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YouTube Kids is available not only on mobile devices, but also on computers and smart TVs.

Key Features for YouTube Kids:

Compare table for mobile applications

ParameterYouTubeYouTube KidsYouTube MusicYouTube for Android TV
Current VersionVARYVARYVARY4.31.300
CategoryVideo Players & EditorsEntertainmentMusic & AudioEntertainment
Version not lowerVARYVARYVARY7.0
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06 March 2024

Overall the system is not bad, but there are some nuances. The channels are not in order, so finding the right one can be problematic. You have to constantly scroll through the list. It's not as intuitive as, say, Spectrum, but it's still better than Sling. If you subscribe through a Google account, it can be difficult to change the channel package or add additional features later.


04 March 2024

YouTube TV worked for me, it’s an excellent service for watching TV shows.


02 March 2024

При попытке выбрать трансляцию по локальному каналу система выдает ошибку каждые пять минут. Это не просто досадная помеха, а настоящий позор для сервиса.