Biedronka Gift Card where to buy, account balance, regulations

Why a gift card Biedronki?

There are many reasons why you should consider giving someone a gift card to one of the most popular supermarkets in Poland, i.e. Biedronki. Such gift cards They allow you to make a variety of purchases, from food products, through cosmetics, to a baby layette or home accessories.

It is a gift that will certainly prove to be practical, and each of the recipients will be able to use it to their advantage. Gift Cards Biedronki It is also a way to provide an unforgettable experience. Recipients will remember this gift for a long time, which makes it an ideal gift. Compared to a traditional transfer, which is often forgotten or overlooked, a gift card will certainly make a greater impression.

store credit / gift card It is also more suitable for older people, for whom the gesture of handing over banknotes may not be appropriate. Usually, older people are more traditional and appreciate such gentle gestures more. That is why, with gift cards there is no risk that our gift will be received incorrectly.

Buy a gift card

Gift cards with cashback 5% from Fast shipping to your e-mail address. E-gift cards are delivered within minutes of placing an order, unless it is a gift and you choose a different delivery date at checkout. Available denominations: 25 PLN, 50 PLN, 100 PLN, 200 PLN, 300 PLN, 500 PLN, 1000 PLN, 1500 PLN. Expiry date: indefinitely.

Choose an amount
PriceCashbackCard TypeRegionNumber
25 zł1,25 złElectronicPolska
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50 zł2,5 złElectronicPolska
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100 zł5 złElectronicPolska
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200 zł10 złElectronicPolska
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300 zł15 złElectronicPolska
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500 zł25 złElectronicPolska
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1000 zł50 złElectronicPolska
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1500 zł75 złElectronicPolska
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When will cashback appear in my account?

Cashback for the purchase of a gift card to Biedronki You will receive it right away. Exactly! The refund is calculated automatically after the transaction. In this way, 5% of the value of the purchased card returns to you. You can conveniently transfer the collected cashback in to the indicated bank account (min. PLN 50 refund).

Gift card What can I buy?

What we buy in shops Biedronka:vegan pasta with veggie fresh

  • fresh and frozen foodstuffs;
  • vegetables;
  • fruit
  • sweets
  • bread;
  • drinks
  • alcohol;
  • hygiene articles;
  • cosmetics
  • seasonal products;
  • seasonal items;
  • books,
  • Accessories for home and garden.

Gift cards for chain stores Biedronka, are perpetual cards.

Types of gift cards

Individual cards. Reasonable pocket money. Give to a loved one.
Give your child smart money with a gift card! Thanks to it, your child will be able to pay for a variety of products from the rich offer Biedronki, with the exception of tobacco products and alcohol. It's the perfect way to give your teen pocket money. Make a nice surprise for someone close to you! Give as a gift a chance to buy any products from a wide range Biedronki.
Card for employees, customers, seniors and children.
On the occasion of various events, it is worth appreciating your employees, customers and their relatives. By choosing a gift card, you can tailor it to your needs through exclusions, flexible top-ups and a long validity period. This will keep your employees, customers and their families happy and appreciate your gesture.
Christmas card for employees, customers and their families.
In a sophisticated way, express that you care about your current and former employees, customers and their loved ones.
Electronic gift card.
An electronic gift card is an innovative way to give a gift without the need for traditional media such as plastic cards. Instead, the e-gift card is delivered in the form of a code or link that can be sent to the recipient directly to an e-mail address or via text message.

Characteristics of the cards

Prepaid Cards Biedronka They are one of the most popular gifts for employees and customers. Here are some features that make cards Biedronka Convenient and practicalCharakterystyka kart

  1. Wide acceptance range - prepaid cards Biedronki They are accepted at all points of sale..
  2. Sustainable production - Biedronka It cares about the environment, which is why elegant classic cards are made of 85% recycled plastic, and modern virtual cards do not generate waste.
  3. Convenience of use - check the balance, transaction history.


Shopping voucher 2024

E-voucher for Biedronki This is a popular award in promotions organized by various banks. In order to receive it, certain conditions must be met, such as the conclusion of a personal account or credit card contract in accordance with the regulations of the financial institution. BNP Paribas and Citi Handlowy are the most well-known banks that offer this type of gratuities, but sometimes with vouchers for Biedronki clients of Getin Bank, Santander and Bank Millennium also meet. For example, Santander Bank offers an eVoucher Biedronka worth PLN 80 as part of the referral program.80 zł w ramach programu poleceń

Voucher – how to pay in the store Biedronka?

Voucher for shopping in Biedronce is made available in the form of a 13-digit code, which is most often sent by e-mail. However, what to do with such a code if we have not received any voucher in the form of a card or a printed coupon? It turns out that using the code is very simple, because you simply have to ask the cashier for the opportunity to pay for products with it. Such a code can be used to pay in any store of the chain Biedronka.

If the employee does not know how to settle such a transaction, it is worth informing him about the original vouchers and suggesting how to enter a 13-digit e-code at the cash register. It is enough that after scanning all the goods, the employee enters the code and confirms it with the PLU button. Thanks to this, using the voucher will be even easier and faster.

Do I have to use the e-code once?

After entering the code, the user will receive a receipt with a list of his purchases, along with information about the payment made using the E-Gift Card. The value of the voucher will also be displayed on the receipt, as well as the amount remaining to be used. This code can be used repeatedly until its full value is exhausted, after which the difference must be paid if the value of purchases exceeds the value of the voucher. All e-codes are valid throughout the Polish, at every point Biedronki.

Can Biedronka Is he giving out gift cards?

store credit / gift card Biedronka It allows you to purchase most of the products from the regular assortment of the store. It is important to note that Biedronka He does not give away gift cards and any information about it is a scam. If you receive such information, please be careful not to follow instructions sent to a telephone number or other medium, as this may lead to financial losses and in return we will not receive an actual gift card Biedronka.

Regulations of e-codes for shopping

Biedronka Store Credit / Gift Card Balance

The balance of the e-code after the transaction in the store is automatically printed on each receipt. People who want to check their balance and expiration date of the e-code can do it easily on the store's website Biedronka.Fiskalny bon towarowy

To verify, use a dedicated tool and provide the relevant data. A link to the tool is in the text below.Sprawdź, ile masz dostępnych środków.

A gift card is a great alternative to the traditional method of giving money in an envelope. It can easily be topped up with an amount that suits your financial capabilities, and the elegant packaging of a valuable gift will certainly make a good impression. Thanks to the gift card, you can be sure that the recipient will receive a gift in the form of something that will be useful and pleasant for him.


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